It’s bad enough that I have to hear about mundane things in the live feed. I can only hide so many of you. Why do you invite me to events when I don’t even live in the same time zone? We all know Facebook isn’t great with personal setting and I can’t seem to turn of  notifications every time someone so much as sneezes while looking at my wall (innuendo?) or profile. I don’t want to know that your boss looks like a frog. And you shouldn’t want to share those feeling wither, for that matter. There are plenty of bosses online, and with Facebook constantly mismanaging privacy settings, your boss who may not be your friend can find every little thing you’ve said about your job. What’s worse is that you also posted to you wall that you need lettuce for CafeWorld and that you found a rabbit in your garden on Farmville–all on company time. You boss can see that.

I’ve strayed quite a bit from where I began. Stop sending me invitations to events you know I can attend. Don’t invite every friend on your list. Don’t invite me if we only became friends because I was doing a stint on Sorority Life. We’re not actually friends. Friends are the people I see face to face or at least talk to on the phone. Just because my virtual Minolo Blaniks helped you win 70,000 of air dollars doesn’t make us friends.

Again, I have strayed, but I think you get my point.

Sorority Life

I didn’t go to a school that had a greek life. As an all-girl school, we were like one big sorority already. Did I miss having a Greek life? I don’t know. How can I miss what I never had?

Well now I have the Facebook App, Sorority Life to give me a parody on what Sorority life would be like. You begin with an avatar that you make up with GLAM. People are allowed to vote on your avatars style once a day. People most likely to vote for you are your sisters. Your sisters are those in your house. You get a max of 500 sisters. With these sisters, you can attack other girls “on campus.” The more sisters you have, and the more GLAM you have collectively, the better equipped you are at attacking another girl.

In order to get GLAM and cash, you perform events. There are 4 event categories with many events in each. You can also earn money by getting a job. Jobs range from bar maid to reporter to model. Each with a training fee and an hourly allowance.  You can also buy GLAM using Brownie Points given to you by the House Mother when you complete certain levels of events.

The Addiction: I can’t stop playing it. When I log onto Facebook, the first thing I look for is SLife requests or messages. At one point I even went to a site called SLifeTrain.com were you can add others as friends so that you can add them to your house on Sorority Life. I ended up going from a house of 10 to a house of 100 in a matter of days.

The Downside: You have to be friends with someone on Facebook before you can add them as a friend. All I did was find like-minded people in SLife groups and on SLifeTrain and add the as friends, put them in a specific list, then invite all in that list to join my house on SLife.

Brownie Points: Another downside is Brownie Points. They seem to only be good for making people shop the offers on the House Mom’s page. They can buy GLAM but are hard to come by. If you could use the money you’ve made to buy BP then it might be worth it to have them.

I advise you not to try it if you want to get anything done with your day. Don’t get sucked in as I have. My husband scoffs when he sees me at the computer with that big, pink banner right there at the top os the screen. And I don’t blame him, but he does have his WarFish (risk in Scrabulus format, but was out before Scrabulus) and I try not to judge. But if you can DON’T DO IT TO YOURSELF. STAY AWAY FROM SORORITY LIFE. Or else I may have to attack you and sisters and leave you all depressed and crying for the spa.