And in the gap…

The gap between the last and this post, that is. I’ve been up to so much.  Where to begin…

Ah, yes. I took a trip with KidWonder to St. Louis way back in mid-July. While there I found the most beautiful wedding gown. I was lucky to find it because it was discontinued. I wish so much that I could show pictures here but DadWonder reads my blog. I’ll try to describe it <<DADWONDER, STOP READING NOW>> It’s a beautiful ivory gown with a chapel train and pick ups all over the skirt. In the creases of the pick ups are beaded designs that I’m going to try to recreate for clasp for my shoes. There is also beadwork at the top and it laces up the back. It looks so classic and I can’t wait for DadWonder to see me in. Well, I can wait until the wedding day…you know what I mean. If you want to see the gown on someone else (or on a dummy), go here.

When we got back from St. Louis, Dr. Maro put my braces on. It was a lot less painless than I thought it would be. I thought I would be holding an ice pack to my face for a week and begging for extra strength everything with a shot of rum. Not the case at all. The only discomfort I experience during the procedure was a result of a slip up

The Other Stuff I Wanted To Talk About

1. KidWonder’s rapping bird: On one of KidWonder’s shows (there’s about three) there was a rapping bird and a line caught my ear: “…I got my new socks, now let’s kick this pre-school!” Too cute!

2. Noggin’s in the toilet: For some reason, I keep seeing songs about going to the bathroom. “Wake up and Gotta Go” and “Last Chance to Make It” Seriously? I’ve eard of toilet humor, but toilet talent? I just don’t get it.

3. KidWonder’s Share Philosophy: “Mommy, I will give you some of my yummy snack…but wait…I can only get one out at a time. What if after this I can’t get anymore? That means this one might be my last one so you can’t have this one. Yay! I got another one! Mommy, I will give you some of my yummy snack…”

4. Has anyone seen CNN’s Black In America? Isn’t it about the best expose ever?

5. Wii, You’ve got it all wrong: I received a reccomendation from for Active Life: Outdoor Challenge. Wait. You want kids to sit inside and play a video game where they pretend to be outside? And that costs how much? Oh, right. It’s free when you don’t do it virtually.

6. We’re Mobile!

Swinging, Bridal Gowns, and a Birthday

Well, it was an interesting week. Kidwonder has been through a lot lately. On Tuesday he gradually started daycare. We found a lovely women, we’ll call her Miss Birdie, who does family care out of her home along with partner, Miss Kay. Both ladies are really pleasant and it’s been really great so far. They take the kids out everyday they can, which is great for KW. He’s gotten so antsy lately that he has to get out just to calm down. The first day I dropped him off at the park and he warmed up to Miss Birdie rather quickly. (My word of advice: Allow your child to meet with and interact with the the caretakers AND children at a daycare a day or two before you leave him there on his own.) KidWonder's first day at daycare.
This is KW on his first day at daycare. I know he doesn’t look happy, but it does get better.

On Wednesday, I went to try on bridal gowns at David’s Bridal. KW was not very pleasant after the first two dresses. He decided that he wanted Mommy even if she did look like a giant cupcake. Luckily, Grandpa was there as a distraction. I can’t show you pics of me in the dress, just in case DadWonder decides to take a gander at this here post. I will show you one of the dress I tried on though. It wasn't my first choice, but it is the one people said I looked the best in.

And last, but definitely not least..Yesterday, KidWonder turned 1 year old! He had no idea that it was a special day , but enjoyed his time in the park,
A Swinging Birthday
time in DW’s chair,
Make it so, Number One
and an ice cream cupcake.
Ice cream!
All the things you need to have a great first birthday.

Two Diapers, A Wall, A Changing Pad, and A Pair of Socks

You really think I’m cute?

Originally uploaded by ShayWade

Riddle me this. Riddle me that. What could scare the blackest cat? Answer: Anything that can destroy 2 diapers, a wall, a changing pad, and a pair of socks.

Yesterday, I was changing KidWonder -a #2- and after I put a clean diaper under the dirty on, I noticed a small spring bug on his wipes container. Not thinking I immediately let go of his little, yet very strong, legs to squish the little intruder. Crisis solved, I turned to find poop all over the changing pad cover. Before letting go of KidWonder, I didn’t close the diaper back and he proceded to kick as usual and his feet ended up in the poo. The formerly gray heels of his socks were now covered in poo and were spreading it around the changing pad, the clean diaper, and all over his legs. As I am sure he heard my yelp of surprise, DadWonder was soon at my side assisting.

I removed the socks and both diapers. DW stiffled his wriggles while I cleaned the scene. I looked above his head at what I thought was another bug only to find that, somehow, he had managed to fling a chunk of poo at the wall with those strong calves of his. I must say, I never felt like more of a mom. Am I now a veteran? Eh…

So once the real crises was over, wall cleaned, socks trashed, pad cover hampered, and diapers Genie-d, KW was in his usual I-want-to-play, I’m-the-happiest-boy-in-world, “Dad, let’s play” self. All as if he hadn’t just blessed us with a very funny story to tell.

Adventure Dad

I commented on a story posted by a Swedish father about a U.S. situation where a mom was arrested for leaving her child asleep in the car while walking 30 feet away to donate money to the Salvation Army. He basically called it ridiculous to arrest this mother for leaving her child in a locked car.

My comment:

I am a mom who lives in the U.S. and I just want to clarify that this wasn’t about the safety of the child’s environment. You pointed out yourself how foolish and crazy people can be in your post about the baby left to die. We’re not boring like Sweden. People do crazy things, hence the rising number of child abductions in this country. So to leave a child vulnerable in a car for even a split second is very dangerous. Even with the doors locked. How many mothers have I heard on the news saying, “I was only gone for a second” or “I only turned my back for a minute”? Too many. Too many for me to ever leave my child unattended in any way, shape, or form. People in the U.S. are just too crazy. I live in a safe, suburban, small town ad wouldn’t dare test the mental stability of anyone. So you may call us idiots or think that the police were too harsh, but if you lived here and saw what we see everyday, I think you would have a different opinion.