Wedding Stress

Planning a wedding is so stressful. I knew that planning a party was hard, but this isn’t just any party. This is THE party. The best, most important “party” of my life. It has to have the right look, the right music, and the right food. I think the hardest part so far is pleasing everybody.

And in the gap…

The gap between the last and this post, that is. I’ve been up to so much.  Where to begin…

Ah, yes. I took a trip with KidWonder to St. Louis way back in mid-July. While there I found the most beautiful wedding gown. I was lucky to find it because it was discontinued. I wish so much that I could show pictures here but DadWonder reads my blog. I’ll try to describe it <<DADWONDER, STOP READING NOW>> It’s a beautiful ivory gown with a chapel train and pick ups all over the skirt. In the creases of the pick ups are beaded designs that I’m going to try to recreate for clasp for my shoes. There is also beadwork at the top and it laces up the back. It looks so classic and I can’t wait for DadWonder to see me in. Well, I can wait until the wedding day…you know what I mean. If you want to see the gown on someone else (or on a dummy), go here.

When we got back from St. Louis, Dr. Maro put my braces on. It was a lot less painless than I thought it would be. I thought I would be holding an ice pack to my face for a week and begging for extra strength everything with a shot of rum. Not the case at all. The only discomfort I experience during the procedure was a result of a slip up

The Other Stuff I Wanted To Talk About

1. KidWonder’s rapping bird: On one of KidWonder’s shows (there’s about three) there was a rapping bird and a line caught my ear: “…I got my new socks, now let’s kick this pre-school!” Too cute!

2. Noggin’s in the toilet: For some reason, I keep seeing songs about going to the bathroom. “Wake up and Gotta Go” and “Last Chance to Make It” Seriously? I’ve eard of toilet humor, but toilet talent? I just don’t get it.

3. KidWonder’s Share Philosophy: “Mommy, I will give you some of my yummy snack…but wait…I can only get one out at a time. What if after this I can’t get anymore? That means this one might be my last one so you can’t have this one. Yay! I got another one! Mommy, I will give you some of my yummy snack…”

4. Has anyone seen CNN’s Black In America? Isn’t it about the best expose ever?

5. Wii, You’ve got it all wrong: I received a reccomendation from for Active Life: Outdoor Challenge. Wait. You want kids to sit inside and play a video game where they pretend to be outside? And that costs how much? Oh, right. It’s free when you don’t do it virtually.

6. We’re Mobile!