So Tired

The past week has been very hard. Starting last Friday, KidWonder had a fever ranging from 99 to 102.8 degrees. After a very long weekend, we took him to see the doctor on Monday. Of course by then he was back to normal. No longer feverish, weak, or lacking appetite the doctor gave him a clean bill of health and proceeded to issue a shot of Synagis to keep him from getting RSV. That night he had a small rash on his torso. By morning the rash had spread to his entire belly, chest, back, and neck. By the time we scheduled an appointment with the doctor it had spread to his face. As we were leaving the house, I noticed it had spread to his arms. The doctor saw it as it spread to his legs, hands, and feet. He had something known as Roseola. The doctor seemed very pleased that he had the rash. It meant that his high fever over the weekend was no longer a mystery. As it turns out, Roseola is a rather benign virus that kids seem to pass along only when they have the fever. The rash isn’t irritating to them at all. Actually, the only thing that bothered KW was the ear infection and sore throat he got from the fever (which is not always the result).

After all that, it’s no wonder that today, when the rash has finally subsided, that when he’d had his fill of milk he simply put his bottle to the side and put himself to sleep. Poor guy has had a long week and I am so glad to see him sleep so peacefully. Maybe I should take this chance to do the same thing.

Painful Week

So last Friday (the 8th) I had oral surgery, but not before KidWonder got sick on Tuesday with a bad cold. So over the weekend DadWonder had two sickies to take care of.KW had a bad cold that caused his asthma to act up and we had to kick in to full gear with the meds.  We were finally applauded by a physician on the stellar job we were doing taking care of our child. <sarcastic sigh of relief>

So with KW being medicated about 5 times a day we thought, “Why not send me in for 9 shots of local anesthetic, three tooth extractions, and surgical removal of an empacted wisdom tooth followed by a haze of pain accompanied with percoset and amoxicillin?” Why indeed. It’s all because, and  I can’t believe I’m admitting this, I’m getting braces. Am I crazy for getting braces 8 months before the wedding? YES! Am I going to do it anyway? YES! It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time a my orthodontist (Peter Maro, formerly of the New York Rangers)  promises that my smile will vastly improve by April. So on Tuesday I am off to have spacers put in even thought the pain of the surgery hasn’t completely subsided (Yay!). wish me luck.

This Week

This week wasn’t very eventful. Just kidding. KidWonder had his 1 year checkup. He is 21.2 lbs (25%tile), 29.5 (50%tile) inches long, and has a 18 inch head circumfrence. He’s is getting so big. He’s got his new walking shoes on all the time now. I hope he’ll walk any day but am dreding it at the same time.

I Scream. You Scream…

Actually, you scream, then I scream. Oh, Beany. He now loves to scream at the top of his lungs. Beany is going to be an opera singer with those set of lungs. A friend of mine warned me about her child once while out. “She’ll just sceam as loud as she can from time to time,” she said. I thought it was cute at the time. Beany was only 3 months old at the time and hadn’t found his voice yet. Well he’s found it and he won’t let it go.

Being A Mom

I’ve been a mother for over ten months now and nothing could have prepared me for any of the events that have happened with my little boy. No one explained the risk of a heart murmur. No one spoke the worries of weight gain or lack thereof. No one told me that seeing your child struggle to breathe is the most heartbreaking, gut-wrenching thing one can endure and you can do nothing about it in the beginning. It’s frustrating, but I have plenty of women who’ve been through this to coach me through. And I know that he’ll be alright in the end.