A Book That’s Long and Dry

Life Is Short But Wide J. California Cooper’s Life is Short But Wide is another book club book. I didn’t make it to the meeting for this one but finished the book anyway. Even though I couldn’t put it down, I thought it was a long, dry tale of blacks in small town and how the times were killing them off in their quest for love.

This was my first time reading J. California Cooper. I loved the story. Any time I had a chance, I was reading this story. But I felt that the story had too much going on and was a bit long. The characters were well developed, almost too well. Considering that all the information was provided to give us a better understanding of one unspoken attraction, I don’t think that info was necessary. It was like several short stories strung together, which I understand is her forte.

The story structure was daunting and just made me want to get through the book. But the fact that I wanted finish the book says something, I guess.

Good Reads

So I have a new obsession. I don’t know how long it will last, but it all got started by Sex and the City. In one of the scenes, Carrie is doing research by reading a book called Love Letters from Great Men or something like that. Well I just found out that it’s not a real book!. But I did find Love Letters From Great Men and Women: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day. On Amazon, it takes 1-3 weeks to ship so I was trying to look elsewhere when I found GoodReads.com. DadWonder told me about this site a while ago but I never took a look. Like he was then, I am addicted now. It’s a great site where you review, comment, discuss, swap/sell books. I was on the site for an hour before I noticed. And I only got 27 book on there so far. So take a look.