A Little Bit Of Genius

Today, when I was bringing KidWonder home from “school” and, instead of asking what he wanted for his snack, I started making suggestions. I found the words “ice cream” coming our of my mouth. In my defense (not that I need one), it’s 85 degrees here and we’re in desperate need of cool down. I saved myself by saying we had some at home thinking that he would settle for a popsicle. This did not go over well. Then I remembered the Cool Whip in the freezer. I’m not sure if this has been done before, but since I’ve never done it before I was pretty proud of myself. KidWonder was none the wiser and I had avoided a meltdown. So here he is with his Oreo Cool Whip Crumble. Looks tasty!

Weight Watchers: Week 2.75

If there are people out there reading, I apologize for missing Sunday’s Weight Watchers post. Over the weekend I’d binged after weighing in on Monday at 11 pounds heavier than at the start of the program less than a week earlier. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s dangerously fast.” Well, not so much. My weight at the start wasn’t correct. I’d been weighed by a personal trainer at my gym months before. I have a tendency to keep using the last weight I remember regardless of what I may actually weigh. My theory is that at the start of WW I weighed 5 to ten pounds heavier than the last time I was weighed. I was in mourning and eating my pain. It actually wasn’t until I had an emotional release that I even thought to rejoin.

I digress. It was a hard week. I went over on points just about everyday. Monday, the day I weighed in, I ate 11 points over budget. That was emotional eating. By Wednesday, I had busted my goal for the week (no eating after 10pm) due to a late meeting in the city. That made me even more furious so I tried to go over. It didn’t work. I came in 7 points under budget.

Week 2 Journal Entry:

Goal: No eating after 10PM

4/13  I weighed in yesterday at 249 lbs. That was a blow. Even though I don’t know my starting weight, I know what I weighed a month ago-238. That means I’ve gained 11 pounds in a month. That scares me. I didn’t know weight could be put on so fast. Well now I have to counteract all the negative thoughts and feelings. I just have to take care of myself. Yesterday I fell off the wagon (42 pts!) but I’ve adjusted my plan for the new weight and am ready to take the next step. As beautiful as it is out right now, all I want to do is eat and sleep. So I’m going to take a walk to pick up my son instead. It’s a bit less than a mile. About 1.5 mi round trip.

4/13 Part 2

I did the walk like I said I would. But there were a few stops along the way. Tom needed a hair cut so hetagged along. After I dropped him at the salon, I proceeded to pick up KidWonder, then brought him back for a hair cut as well (pictures to come). Then, instead of buying & making dinner and without checking points, we ate at the place up the street, Powell’s. I tried to go healthy with a chicken Cesar wrap…15pts! I went over by 5. Another day lost. Tomorrow I’ll have to really push myself in the gym. It’s going to be a busy day so I’ll have to squeeze it in. I also need to look at last week’s journal and tracker to see what worked and how I can do better.

See, I started out with good intentions. This week I have the same goal: No eating after 10pm. I’m doing well. I’ll tell you more about that in Sunday’s post.

Thanks for reading. Remember that weight loss is a challenge, but only to those willing to fight.

Weight Watchers: A Change for Life?

Last week I rejoined Weight Watchers. I was inspired by their new spokesperson. When I told Tom I was rejoining he said, “Don’t wait for me.” It was like a switch had been clicked. Usually I wait for Hubby to do the healthy things like going to the gym, watching what I eat, eating fast food. I’m proud to say that I’m doing it for myself, butt I’m not use to doing it on my own. Tom and I have always been workout and “diet” buddies. I have his support and that of other family and friends. It’s definitely needed. I tend to jump in full throttle then meander from the plan after about a week.

This time around I hope to stick to it. I love starting a new journal when I start on a new journey-college, motherhood, and marriage. I’m not very good at keeping up with a journal. All of them are ¼ to 1/3 full, and my blog is proof that months can pass without a single word written. This time I’m keeping a notebook next to my computer where I track points and research recipes. Here, I’ll post what I’ve written at the end of the week. So far, so good.

Starting weight:                        238 lbs

This week’s goal:                        Join Weight Watchers

This month’s goal:                        Lose 3 pounds


4/7            I joined yesterday so I missed Monday. This is going to be a long, hard journey, but I have the support I need. I’ve taken the first steps, now I just have to keep moving forward.

4/8            It’s only been a couple of days, but I’m really proud of myself. I’m making good choices and budgeting my points. I’ve cut lunches in half and double check point values before moving ahead with an item or meal. Now I just have to get steady in the gym again.

4/9            I want to do the WW Walk It 5K Challenge! On 6/6/10 WW is having a nation-wide 5K (3.1 mi) walk. I know I can do that. It will be hard but they have a 6-week training program that you can follow online. If I stick to it, and get the support I need, I can pull this off. That’s the goal. It will keep me motivated to do a bit more everyday. I’ll lose weight, increase stamina, and get healthy at the same time. I know I can keep up the spirit to complete this. I’ll even make a contract if I have to.

4/11            Now that I’m at the end of my first week, I see some things that need tweaking. I’ve begun working out again and the activity points can be put toward food points. I see that I might be working out just so I have extra points and can binge on the weekends. I don’t think that’s a good thing. Matter of fact, I know it’s not. Today I haven’t even been counting because I feel like there no way I could go over my allotted points for the day (30) and my remaining weekly points (9 of 35) and my activity points (21). It would mean eating enough to use 60 points in one day. We went out to dinner last night and I with bread, wine, an appetizer and dessert. It all netted out to 21.5 points. As of this post, having only just put the points in, I am only 1 point over. That means that my activity this week wasn’t for naught.

I just remembered…I still haven’t added yesterdays activity!


It’s bad enough that I have to hear about mundane things in the live feed. I can only hide so many of you. Why do you invite me to events when I don’t even live in the same time zone? We all know Facebook isn’t great with personal setting and I can’t seem to turn of  notifications every time someone so much as sneezes while looking at my wall (innuendo?) or profile. I don’t want to know that your boss looks like a frog. And you shouldn’t want to share those feeling wither, for that matter. There are plenty of bosses online, and with Facebook constantly mismanaging privacy settings, your boss who may not be your friend can find every little thing you’ve said about your job. What’s worse is that you also posted to you wall that you need lettuce for CafeWorld and that you found a rabbit in your garden on Farmville–all on company time. You boss can see that.

I’ve strayed quite a bit from where I began. Stop sending me invitations to events you know I can attend. Don’t invite every friend on your list. Don’t invite me if we only became friends because I was doing a stint on Sorority Life. We’re not actually friends. Friends are the people I see face to face or at least talk to on the phone. Just because my virtual Minolo Blaniks helped you win 70,000 of air dollars doesn’t make us friends.

Again, I have strayed, but I think you get my point.

A Dish I Love To Fake

Tonight I decided to cook Shepherd’s Pie for when Hubby comes home. I have to say, I was very excited about it. I rarely get excited about cooking but there;s something about Shepherd’s Pie that allows me to be experimental that makes it a bit invigorating. I wanted the dish to be a bit bigger than the recipe rendered so I added the leftovers from last night: meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and mixed peas & carrots. I improvised on the seasoning (added some onion powder and increased the Worcester sauce) and put more corn than any other vegetable. The hardest part was trying to mix in the leftover meat loaf. It’s a different consistency than the pound of ground turkey the recipe called for. Anyway, it was a lot of  fun to make. Pictures to come.

Visitors From AceFest

Hello to all new visitors that I met last night (March 26th) at the AceFest networking event. I’m sure many of you will agree that it was very hard to get to know each other in that venue. Here is a little info about me followed by a few links.

I’m a writer and editor. I love pre- and post-production but won’t shy away from a set and getting behind the camera. Right now I volunteer at my local community cable channel and am learning quite a lot about shooting for live television. As far as on-set, I help organize a group on Meetup.com that focuses on networking in the industry and I get great jobs from that group. Feel free to join. I also run a blog where I discuss movies, making movies, and movie makers via interviews, glossary terms, reviews, and my own experience.

MovingTheImage <<my blog
Vimeo <<recently entered the Beyond the Still contest

Dear Single Mom

Dear Single Mom,

I understand that you are out there doing tis alone. I understand that your situation is a lot harder mine. To those women who weren’t left with any other choice, I respect you for wamaning up and doing what you have/had to do for your child. To those single ladies who chose to keep the dad out of the picture from jump, get out of my face with your simpering be ause you chose your position. To the mixed bag of divorcee single moms, it’ll get better and I’m rooting for you. To the older single moms who are done raising kids, I may ask How you did it with you kids BUT…

I did not ask for your advice or invite you to my conversation. I understand that you’ve done this all before and you did it without a man by your side, but that is not my lot in life. Don’t tell me that my husband’s input shouldn’t matter. Raising a child is a partnership when there are two of you running a houshold. If you were single from the beginning then you just don’t get it. If you chose to be single then it’s not yours to get. If you’re divorced then you know what it’s like but it still doesn’t give you the right to force your bitterness, self-doubt, and fears onto me and mine. I am in a parental partnership. There is no executive board when it comes to my child’s potty training, discipline, or diet.

Kevin Smith: A Fed Up Fat Ass?

I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith and was appalled when I read his twitter feed. What I’d like to know is if an Arnold-like guy gets on the plane who’s arms are so wide that the person sitting next to him has to stand up just to look for his seatbelt buried under one of his monstrous thighs. Would this man who’s, let’s say,  6’1 and 300 lbs of muscle be subject to the same humiliation and ridicule? Will he have to pass a does-the-arm-rest-come-up test? Is he forced to purchase to seats-one for him and one for his fanny pack?

Probably none of the above because society doesn’t think that muscle-clad men and women deserve ridicule no matter how ridiculous they may look.

Can’t Have Nothing New

So it’s that time of year again when Hubby and I plague each other with whether or not to exchange gifts early. You know what? It’s not the time of year, it’s us. As my mother would say, “Just can’t have nothing new.” And she would be right. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present, we can’t get that item opened fast enough. What amazes me most is the great lengths we go to in order to make sure the other has no idea what they are getting. My husband would let me get the mail for a week because there was something in the mail that would tip me off. And I am now doing the same to him with an additional gift I vow not to give him until Christmas.

So we have already swapped Christmas gifts. It’s December 15th and the only gift I’ll be opening on Christmas will be from my mother. That’s not a bad thing but her gift are more thoughtful than exciting.

Anyway… I do want to say that I absolutely love my now not-so-new gift. What is it? Drumroll….

A PS3!!! And I love it. Hubby and I were discussing the PS3 and how it really is an all-in-one home entertainment system. It plays DVD and Blu-ray, streams from Netflix, downloads games (some have demos), and has the new PlayStation Network. So far I’ve downloaded a few demos: Fairytale Fights is disturbingly bloody while Little Big Planet is fun and cute. We’ve alos bulked up out Netflix Instant Play Queue  and have streamed everything from Dora and Thomas the Tank Engine to Jim Gaffigan and SNL’s The Best of Chris Farley.

We haven’t played any Blu-ray discs but have noticed the difference in picture quality. I’m thinking of ordering Star Trek for us and Up for KidWonder. I can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about. Now all I need to do is get Hubby a receiver to go with the surround sound speakers I got him last year.