Weight Watchers: Week 2.75

If there are people out there reading, I apologize for missing Sunday’s Weight Watchers post. Over the weekend I’d binged after weighing in on Monday at 11 pounds heavier than at the start of the program less than a week earlier. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s dangerously fast.” Well, not so much. My weight at the start wasn’t correct. I’d been weighed by a personal trainer at my gym months before. I have a tendency to keep using the last weight I remember regardless of what I may actually weigh. My theory is that at the start of WW I weighed 5 to ten pounds heavier than the last time I was weighed. I was in mourning and eating my pain. It actually wasn’t until I had an emotional release that I even thought to rejoin.

I digress. It was a hard week. I went over on points just about everyday. Monday, the day I weighed in, I ate 11 points over budget. That was emotional eating. By Wednesday, I had busted my goal for the week (no eating after 10pm) due to a late meeting in the city. That made me even more furious so I tried to go over. It didn’t work. I came in 7 points under budget.

Week 2 Journal Entry:

Goal: No eating after 10PM

4/13  I weighed in yesterday at 249 lbs. That was a blow. Even though I don’t know my starting weight, I know what I weighed a month ago-238. That means I’ve gained 11 pounds in a month. That scares me. I didn’t know weight could be put on so fast. Well now I have to counteract all the negative thoughts and feelings. I just have to take care of myself. Yesterday I fell off the wagon (42 pts!) but I’ve adjusted my plan for the new weight and am ready to take the next step. As beautiful as it is out right now, all I want to do is eat and sleep. So I’m going to take a walk to pick up my son instead. It’s a bit less than a mile. About 1.5 mi round trip.

4/13 Part 2

I did the walk like I said I would. But there were a few stops along the way. Tom needed a hair cut so hetagged along. After I dropped him at the salon, I proceeded to pick up KidWonder, then brought him back for a hair cut as well (pictures to come). Then, instead of buying & making dinner and without checking points, we ate at the place up the street, Powell’s. I tried to go healthy with a chicken Cesar wrap…15pts! I went over by 5. Another day lost. Tomorrow I’ll have to really push myself in the gym. It’s going to be a busy day so I’ll have to squeeze it in. I also need to look at last week’s journal and tracker to see what worked and how I can do better.

See, I started out with good intentions. This week I have the same goal: No eating after 10pm. I’m doing well. I’ll tell you more about that in Sunday’s post.

Thanks for reading. Remember that weight loss is a challenge, but only to those willing to fight.

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