Visitors From AceFest

Hello to all new visitors that I met last night (March 26th) at the AceFest networking event. I’m sure many of you will agree that it was very hard to get to know each other in that venue. Here is a little info about me followed by a few links.

I’m a writer and editor. I love pre- and post-production but won’t shy away from a set and getting behind the camera. Right now I volunteer at my local community cable channel and am learning quite a lot about shooting for live television. As far as on-set, I help organize a group on that focuses on networking in the industry and I get great jobs from that group. Feel free to join. I also run a blog where I discuss movies, making movies, and movie makers via interviews, glossary terms, reviews, and my own experience.

MovingTheImage <<my blog
Vimeo <<recently entered the Beyond the Still contest

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