Painful Week

So last Friday (the 8th) I had oral surgery, but not before KidWonder got sick on Tuesday with a bad cold. So over the weekend DadWonder had two sickies to take care of.KW had a bad cold that caused his asthma to act up and we had to kick in to full gear with the meds.  We were finally applauded by a physician on the stellar job we were doing taking care of our child. <sarcastic sigh of relief>

So with KW being medicated about 5 times a day we thought, “Why not send me in for 9 shots of local anesthetic, three tooth extractions, and surgical removal of an empacted wisdom tooth followed by a haze of pain accompanied with percoset and amoxicillin?” Why indeed. It’s all because, and  I can’t believe I’m admitting this, I’m getting braces. Am I crazy for getting braces 8 months before the wedding? YES! Am I going to do it anyway? YES! It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time a my orthodontist (Peter Maro, formerly of the New York Rangers)  promises that my smile will vastly improve by April. So on Tuesday I am off to have spacers put in even thought the pain of the surgery hasn’t completely subsided (Yay!). wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Painful Week

  1. It’s not crazy to get braces before your wedding. You want to look your best and a smile is a big part of that, especially on your wedding day 🙂

    Besides, I know the pain – I had all of my wisdom teeth extracted in the spring and now I have braces too, and all so I can have the perfect smile on my wedding day too 🙂


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