Shopping for a Big Girl

Dress worn by Joy Nash in latest Fat Rant: $149
Dress worn by Joy Nash in latest Fat Rant: $149
As a Big Girl, I find it hard to find the cute dresses to wear. I find it even harder to find the cute dresses at an affordable price. Isn’t it bad enough that “regular” clothing stores charge extra if you go over a certain size. Why is it that the plus size shops can’t sell me that cute dress of $15-20 instead $60? Is it really that much more fabric?

Shops like Torrid, Lane Bryant, and Kiyonna have outrageous prices. Manolo for the Big Girl offers up discounts at just such places. Even with these discounts, I’d still pay $100 for 2 dresses (though I did get 4 dresses from SizeAppeal for about $20 each w/ a code from Manolo). Maybe I just don’t understand fashion enough to pay this kind of money. I’m just a girl who was raised on WalMart, Target, and Payless Shoes, so excuse me if my country bumpkin ways aren’t savvy enough to get it. Even Target is now charging higher prices (storewide) so it’s hard to find the best deals there as well. I guess I’m just cheap.

I also never learned to walk in high heels. I wish I has because the dresses I do own need cute shoes. I buy cute shoes but I can’t go anywhere in them because I walk three feet and have to sit down. I want to learn before the wedding because I want to be super sexy at the rehearsal and super-duper sexy on the honeymoon.

One thought on “Shopping for a Big Girl

  1. Cuzn!!! This is, by far, the funniest thing I have read this year . . . You are hillarious just like my uncle. . .

    Any who, Boo, the key to walking high heels is to NOT THINK ABOUT WALKING IN HIGH HEELS and JUST WALK . . .
    “Sexy” comes with holding your shoulders back, sticking your chest out and sucking your stomach inward {If you’re doing all the above, you don’t have time to think about wearing high heels}.
    Another good idea is to FIRST walk on carpet in the heels or in the grass before you walk on hard floors. An alternative would be to get yourself a nice pair of wedges or chunky heels as a good practice.

    Love ya cuzn . . .call me


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