The Other Stuff I Wanted To Talk About

1. KidWonder’s rapping bird: On one of KidWonder’s shows (there’s about three) there was a rapping bird and a line caught my ear: “…I got my new socks, now let’s kick this pre-school!” Too cute!

2. Noggin’s in the toilet: For some reason, I keep seeing songs about going to the bathroom. “Wake up and Gotta Go” and “Last Chance to Make It” Seriously? I’ve eard of toilet humor, but toilet talent? I just don’t get it.

3. KidWonder’s Share Philosophy: “Mommy, I will give you some of my yummy snack…but wait…I can only get one out at a time. What if after this I can’t get anymore? That means this one might be my last one so you can’t have this one. Yay! I got another one! Mommy, I will give you some of my yummy snack…”

4. Has anyone seen CNN’s Black In America? Isn’t it about the best expose ever?

5. Wii, You’ve got it all wrong: I received a reccomendation from for Active Life: Outdoor Challenge. Wait. You want kids to sit inside and play a video game where they pretend to be outside? And that costs how much? Oh, right. It’s free when you don’t do it virtually.

6. We’re Mobile!

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